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March 31, 2009

You Can't Get Much More "Out Of State"...

...than by being an illegal immigrant, for god's sake. But Dear Governor Corzine never let a simple fact like that stand in the way of "doing something for the children"

JERSEY CITY — A state panel on immigrant policy released recommendations Monday that include in-state tuition eligibility and driving privileges for illegal immigrants, as well as the creation of a commission on New Americans.

Gov. Jon S. Corzine, who convened the Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel on Immigrant Policy last August, said Monday he agrees that illegal immigrants, especially those brought to the U.S. as children and attending local schools, should be able to pay in-state tuition at the state's public colleges.

First off, they are not "New Americans" but illegal immigrants, which is a very hurtful phrase that means, um, "criminal." Why should they be "entitled" to privileges that hard working and tax paying residents, both native born and legal immigrants, have been paying for all these years? Someone who hops off a container ship in Perth Amboy gets reduced tuition at Rutgers but the child of a serviceman born and raised in Iowa has to pay full fare? What kind of crap is that? Demo-crap, that's what kind.

We are broke, he is taxing the middle class out of existence, yet he wants to in effect increase government spending and create a whole new class of entitlements.

The report recommends several ways to make the delivery of federally mandated social services more culturally relevant, as well as improve conditions for immigrants in education, health and the labor force, among other areas.

Corzine said he'll push lawmakers to approve the creation of the state commission on immigrant issues, although funding for new programs is expected to be scarce in the current economic climate. If approved, New Jersey would become one of the few states with a government entity dedicated to immigrant affairs.

The governor also is urging a re-examination of an immigration directive from the New Jersey Attorney General ordering police to notify immigration authorities when they arrest someone suspected of being an illegal immigrant. He's also backing moratorium on federal immigration raids in the state, which he says often tear mixed-status families apart.

There's a scary phrase: "ways to make the delivery of federally mandated social services more culturally relevant." No, no, and a thousand times no. The government should not give a rat's ass about how things are "culturally" done amongst other, er, cultures, but only how we do things in a fair, western legal fashion. In other words: women are fully equal to men, we eat pigs and we love dogs. If you've got a problem with any of that, tough.

Not surprisingly, Lawhawk was on this last night.

Posted by Mr. Bingley at March 31, 2009 06:54 AM


That pandering votewhore must have a tough re-election this year.

Posted by: barking spider at March 31, 2009 08:18 AM

He's trailing Chris Christie by something like ten-to-fifteen points in polls.

Someone remind me what part of the Constitution allows a state to declare a moratorium on federal law enforcement... Isn't that an act of secession, generally?

Posted by: nightfly at March 31, 2009 09:31 AM

Every taxpayer in the state should rise up and protest. (Or at least send angry letters).

I would be totally in favor of granting "automatic" in-state status to any child of an active-duty service person for any state school they could get into.

But not for illegal immigrants. No. Not at all.

(Disclaimer: I was a former Ohio resident who attended University of Michigan back in the 1980s. I tried to become a Michigan resident. I got a drivers license, I moved there and worked (and paid taxes) before I enrolled. But they didn't count it. Apparently you had to graduate from a Michigan high school - or be married to a Michigan resident - for it to count. And believe me, I paid through the buttcrack to go to school there. In retrospect, it probably wasn't worth the multiple thousands for the undergrad degree; I could have done just as well somewhere smaller and cheaper.)

Posted by: ricki at March 31, 2009 01:30 PM

I had to bring in about 20 different documents to prove who I was and where I live in this lovely state to renew my DL. How in the hecks are they going to give them to illegals???

Posted by: kcruella at March 31, 2009 08:34 PM

I left NJ in November of 1977 for Lackland AFB TX and didn't come back to NJ to live for nine years. During those years I had a Delaware and a Florida drivers license.

I was accepted into what is now Richard Stockton College for the Spring 1987 term while I was still stationed in Germany. The next fall I was a freshamn @ RU.

Maybe GIs got cut some slack in that area.

My state residency was never an issue. Maybe because I went straight from active duty Air Force to the New Jersey Air National Guard 177th FW "Jersey Devils" out of Atlantic City.

Posted by: barking spider at April 1, 2009 12:41 PM