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November 15, 2005

God, I'm SOOO EAsy

...but I just couldn't resist this one. You're a guy (or were one, originally), you're in the LADIES ROOM and your staff still gets to rough up someone?

Michael Jackson beat it after a startled woman starting taking his picture while he was attending to his toiletry in the ladies’ room in a Dubai shopping mall. A 37-year-old Tunisian woman spotted Jackson wearing a T-shirt, trousers and traditional Arab women’s headscarf, according to the Khaleei Times. The horrified woman screamed and started snapping the star’s picture with a cellphone camera. but Jackson’s staff reportedly confiscated the pics.

And what the hell are your goons doing in the girl's room? If it was any other person caught in an Islamic ladies WC, they'd be in a black oubliette for the rest of their natural (or un-natural in his case) days. If they were lucky. I'd read where this manufactured freak was moving permanently out of the country. Instead, he should be in prison for what he's doing to his children.

Posted by tree hugging sister at November 15, 2005 10:28 AM


Why this freak hasn't been placed in a locked facility is beyond me.

Posted by: Ken Summers at November 15, 2005 11:16 AM

You know, Mr. Summers, if his name was "Antowan Jerivicious" Jackson and from a different part of California, they'd have him slapped with child abuse charges, handed the kids over to the Welfare and slapped him in jail so fast it'd make your head spin. Of course, the "mother" (I use the term loosely and in the biological sense ONLY) of those children should be in the next oubliette over.

Posted by: tree hugging sister at November 15, 2005 11:58 AM

Do you really have to put that creepy face on the web again? That thing really gives me the creeps and yet its remnant of a face is everywhere. Heck, it is shown almost every single day on Fox news on line, among others. Did you really have to do that?

gives me the willies

Posted by: Mike Rentner at November 15, 2005 04:00 PM

Thought I'd show ya what you'd missed while you were in the desert, Mike!

Posted by: tree hugging sister at November 15, 2005 04:45 PM

Creepy, huh??

Posted by: tree hugging sister at November 15, 2005 04:45 PM

THS couldn't find a picture of Michael Jackson. That's actually a Joan Crawford impersonator.

Posted by: Nightfly at November 16, 2005 01:05 PM