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September 02, 2005


There were plans to make Nawlins secured against a Cat 5, but they were still not sure they would have worked. More here. They were caboshed in 1977 due to the enviro-types, and at other times due to $$$.

Posted by Crusader at September 2, 2005 12:31 PM


What a great find. This was highly interesting. While this is all tragic, it is heartening to see that there are workable ideas in place that can now be enacted 'cause the rebuilding process is going to take place (theoretically).

Posted by: Cullen at September 2, 2005 01:34 PM

A very interesting read indeed.

Ultimately, all the Corps of Engineers does with their studies is to make recommendations to the leadership. "Leadership" invariably means the leadership of the non-Federal government that sponsored this study. I don't know who sponsored this particular study, but the candidates are either the State of Louisiana, the City of New Orleans, the parish(es) impacted, or a combination of above.

That's because the Corps of Engineers does not fund these projects. Some study money is available, but that's cost shared (usually 65%/35%, Corps/sponsor).

But USACE is typically not funded for new construction or improvements, and certainly not on any massive scale. All USACE can do is recommend these projects to the sponsor, and submit a report to Congress. The sponsor then must address project funding issues. Funding is usually a mix of local, state, and Federal funds, with the Federal funds either coming from Congress as an appropriation, or another Federal agency (a rare event, in my experience).

The key point here is that the sponsor has to work to secure the funds. USACE will coordinate with the Congressional delegation, but direct USACE funding is very restricted, and are generally small projects.

In short, great ideas are wonderful, but someone has to implement them, and that means funding. Ultimately, that falls upon the sponsor. Which comes back to the State of Louisiana, the City of New Orleans, the parish(es) impacted, or a combination of above.

I think everyone can see the pattern here, no?

Posted by: The Real JeffS at September 3, 2005 07:02 AM